The Russian market has incredible potential for many Israeli companies. With relative geographic proximity and a significant Russian-speaking workforce, in Israel it is natural to consider the Russian market a promising one. However, the Russian business environment can be tough to navigate for Israeli entrepreneurs. Facing a challenging combination of bureaucratic regulations, unique business culture and a fast-changing market,  a number of Israeli companies have experienced disappointment in their attempts to penetrate the Russian market, leading them to believe that Russia is an unattractive market, unwelcoming to strangers, and that Russian companies can be unreliable business partners.  

Part of the failures of Israeli entrepreneurs in Russia can be linked to an inability to accurately assess the potential of the Russian market, the response of Russian consumers to their product or the ineffectiveness of their business strategy in Russia. Israeli companies could avoid many critical mistakes when entering the Russian market by simply receiving qualified and expert support in advance. It is one of the goals of the Israeli-Russian Chamber of Commerce (IRCC) to provide meaningful assistance to Israeli businesses by conducting an expert assessment of technologies, products, market situation, industry, etc., as well as lending marketing support for the crucial market-development phases. An Israeli company can significantly increase its chances for success in Russia by securing expert assistance for its business and marketing strategy.

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