Yazamiyot Going to Russia

Founder of the Israeli Association of Women Entrepreneurs Yozamiyot https://www.yazamiyot.com/ Hila Ovil-Brenner (Hilla Ovil-Brenner), the general director of this organization, Ms. Shiran Melamdovsky-Somech and the Chairman of the Israel-Russia Chamber of Commerce Ms. Anna Moshe took part in organizing and conducting a landmark public event - an international conference  Yazamiyot going to Russia!

The Russian and Israeli participants of the event discussed their achievements and the upcoming opportunities for women's business cooperation in both countries.

The Ministry of Economy of Israel fully supported this event, both organizationally and financially.

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Башня Азриэли-Сарона, 53 этаж,

Менахем Бегин 121, Тель-Авив, 61333,






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