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The Israel-Russia Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of its Israeli and Russian members and promotes the development of business activities both in the Israeli and Russian markets.

The IRCC works with small, medium and large businesses, providing its members with comprehensive business and legal support through professional law firms that specialize in Israel- Russia transactions.

Qualified and competent legal assistance must be part of the design of international business documents. This assistance minimizes business risks of entrepreneurial activity and avoids costly misunderstandings and lawsuits.  Members of the IRCC receive qualified professional legal advice, support, and expertise from leading experts who have extensive experience and competency in local and international law. 

The Israel-Russia Chamber of Commerce's legal partners provide members with free, two-hour consultations and offer special rates for legal services. These services include preparation of documents for implementation of foreign economic activities, consultations on legal protection and protection of intellectual property, taxation and the other considerations necessary for consummating business deals.  Legal service providers are highly qualified in their fields of expertise and in the international arena so that they can help IRCC members with complex issues and protect their business interests.

Available legal services include:
- advice on the organization and conduct of business activities;
- advice on establishing a local entity (subsidiary, branch or other)
- legal review of documents and contracts;
- drafting  bilingual  contracts and international agreements;
- representation in court;
- registration, certification, and notarization of documents; and
- patent filing and submission of intellectual property right registrations for trademarks, copyrights, and other protections.

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