The “Traveling Accelerator” Program

The Israel-Russia Chamber of Commerce and Astelion LTD, in collaboration with strategic partners and leading experts in the integration of innovative technologies and solutions in the economy, industry, medicine and agriculture, developed the Traveling Accelerator program. This program teaches how to create a comfortable environment for the interaction of science and business, aimed at the commercialization of technology, patents, inventions, technology start-ups. “Traveling Accelerator” is suitable for the main participants of the Russian innovation ecosystem and entrepreneurs.

in the photo - President of the House Anna Moshe with guests from the Chelyabinsk region of the Russian Federation

How is the “Traveling Accelerator” program conducted?

The program is implemented by leading innovators who arrive at the appointed place and give lectures to listeners. Lectures are held for 6 academic hours a day for five days in a row, which creates an atmosphere of “training camp”.

At the end of each day, one hour will be devoted to face-to-face meetings with interested participants to answer questions and analyze practical examples.


At the end of the program, our team will provide distance learning through interactive webinars and individual online sessions for a period defined by the contract. Such online sessions will allow participants to obtain detailed and individually selected information and additional knowledge. The final format of interaction will be determined after discussion with representatives of the region.

In the picture Marat Kapelyushnik - founder and CEO of Astelio

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