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Russian and Israeli business leaders often attend the same conferences and participate in the same forums, leading to promising encounters, some drinks and perhaps even a handshake. 

Unfortunately, these positive beginnings often fail to end in a deal, due to the simple fact that business in Russia is built on relationships and relationships are built on common ground, common culture and clear communication. Given the difference in mentality, it is easy for Israelis and Russians to misinterpret each other, creating misunderstanding and undermining the trust that is a bed-rock of good business.

For example, an Israeli businessman, trusting in the quality and superiority of his product and price, may focus on repeatedly sending proposals, which in turn go unanswered because the proposal isn't sent to the right person through the proper channels. As in other countries, in the Russian market it is important to know what kind of "door" was opened by the handshake, and whether the contact person they are talking to has the power to influence business decisions and to close a deal. 

The IRCC provides comprehensive business support to its members and, through its partners, offers assistance to Russian and Israeli companies in launching and developing business processes. These services can be retained for a fee. Business representation services are helpful to cover a wide range of possible options - from business advice on specific issues to "turn-key projects", including the creation of a favorable image of the company abroad. The IRCC can develop new market opportunities, provide negotiation support, assist in preparing business plans and presentation materials, lobby for the interests of its member companies and raise the profile of projects to attract potential Russian partners.

IRCC membership has its benefits; as they strive to establish themselves in Russia, IRCC members can enjoy a free 2-hour consultation.  

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