Russian delegation from Ryazan

In early December 2017, the Russian delegation arrived from Ryazan to develop relations with Israeli colleagues and search for technologies for implementation in Russia

The great interest of the Ryazan delegation was caused by Israeli technologies for water purification, aquaculture, Israeli irrigation systems, which are needed today in many regions of Russia. Traditional themes were not ignored either - new technologies in the fields of medicine, agriculture, animal husbandry, energy and IOT. The great interest of Russian entrepreneurs is evoked by the development of Israeli colleagues in the field of dentistry - new materials and technologies for implantation, dental equipment.

During this visit, meetings were organized between representatives of the Russian delegation and such Israeli companies as Bezeq, Cellcom, Partner, Gastro Line Ltd., Alecon. As part of this business visit, a meeting of representatives of the delegation from Ryazan with the President of the Israeli-Russian Chamber of Commerce took place, at which possible vectors for further cooperation were discussed. The Russian side expressed significant interest in developing cooperation in the field of medical technology transfer and the possibility of cooperation with Israeli research and scientific groups in the development of medical products in Russia.

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